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Interface Reactions of Pure Ti Thermal Plasma Spray Coated Mo-Si-B Alloys During Oxidation

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 1 ]


Y.H. Song, J.M. Kim and J.S. Park   Pages 36 - 39 ( 4 )


The oxidation behaviors of Ti powder thermal spray coated Mo-Si-B alloys have been investigated in order to identify the underlying mechanism for the effect of precursor Ti coatings on Mo-Si-B alloys. Pure Ti powder was thermally sprayed on the two phase alloy (Mo (solid solution)+T2(Mo5SiB2)) fabricated by arc melting elemental components. The oxidation tests performed at 1100 °C show that the Ti powder was tightly bonded and reacted with the surface of the substrate, and TiO2 layer was formed at the outer surface of the coated Ti layer as a result of oxidation exposure. The oxidation behaviors of pure elemental component coated Mo-Si-B alloys have been discussed in terms of microstructural observations during oxidation tests.


Alloys, coating, Mo alloys, oxidation, scanning electron microscopy.


Division of Advanced Materials Engineering, Hanbat National University, Duckmuyng-dong, Daejeon 305-719, Korea.

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