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Optical Properties and Thermal Stability of Ultrathin TaNx-Ag-Si Films for Low Emissivity Applications

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 1 ]


Sivasankar Reddy Akepati, Chadrasekhar Loka, Ho Tak Yu and Kee-Sun Lee   Pages 159 - 163 ( 5 )


TaNx(1, 3 & 5 nm) films deposited on the Ag(10 nm)/Si(3 nm)/glass show dense microstructure, and this structure was stable even after annealing at 300 °C in Ar (80%) + O2 (20%) ambient for 5 min. The RMS (Root Mean Square) roughness of the films decreased with increasing the TaNx film thickness. The partial oxidation of TaNx was observed in TaNx(3 & 5 nm)/Ag(10 nm)/Si(3 nm)/glass at 300 oC annealing temperature, but no Ag diffusion happened at this temperature. It indicates that no outward diffusion of Ag occurred during the annealing. The as deposited and annealed TaNx(1, 3 & 5 nm)/Ag(10 nm)/Si(3 nm)/glass films showed better transmittance than Ag(10 nm)/glass films in the visible region. The optical data obtained here was in good agreement with simulated predictions.


Low emissivity, multi-layers, optical properties, sputtering, thermal stability, ultrathin films.


Department of Advanced Materials Engineering, Kongju National University, Budaedong, Cheonan City, South Korea.

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