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Advancements in Ultra-Sensitive Nanoelectronic Biosensors for Medical Applications

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 5 ]


Mrunalini Thanaraj*, Rajasekar Rathanasamy* and Saravana Kumar Jaganathan   Pages 679 - 693 ( 15 )


Sensing devices own a vital role in supporting medical needs for the early recognition and diagnosis of diseases. In the past half-century, researchers have developed many biosensors for suitable applications, but only a limited number of biosensors are commercially available. The biosensors are biological recognition devices with high target specificity and high sensitivity leading to commercialization and wider acceptability in the existing market of health care industries. The nanosized materials are indispensable in the biomedical field because of their captivating characteristics like increased surface area and novel quantum effects. Nanoscale materials are very closer to biological molecules in size and own good specificity when used in biosensors. An overview of the working principles of various commonly used biosensors will be presented and a special emphasis is given to graphene-based biosensors to monitor the interaction of biological molecules. Graphene is one of the most superior nanocomposite that provides an opportunity for the best sensing platform in the field of bioanalysis. The supremacy of Graphene and GFET devices in biosensors for analyzing the biological samples and to provide consistent data is investigated using a simulation tool. Meanwhile, the performance behavior of nano-biosensors based on their dimensional influence is also explored. This review may provide constructive guidance for examining the interfacial interaction between nano composites and tiny biological components to impart knowledge or regulate things based on the application chosen.


Biosensors, nano-biosensor, graphene, GFET, ISFET, nano-wire, nanosphere.


Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Kongu Engineering College, Tamil Nadu State, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kongu Engineering College, Tamil Nadu, Department for Management of Science and Technology Development, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City

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