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Biomimicry: Recent Updates on Nanotechnology Innovations Inspired by Nature Creations


Sinchana Raj and Manjunatha Channegowda*   Pages 1 - 11 ( 11 )


Nature mimicry rather, biomimicry is one such field being considered for the backbone of the most astounding inventions in recent science and technology. Biomimicry combined with nano-technology developed many sustainable solutions to satisfy problems existing in daily life. In this article, we also explore the individual concepts of biomimicry and nano-technology and then the combination of the both. The current review mainly focusses of nano innovations inspired by lotus leaf, gecko feet, butterfly wings, shark skin and peacock spider. We then look at the biological structures (more in nano-dimensions) from the entrenched interference patterns found on the butterfly wings inspiring in the development of display technologies to the self-cleaning properties of lotus that has resulted in the synthesis of nano materials having self-cleaning properties. In addition, insects like spiders which have inspired the most important inventions like optical devices, sensors, are also investigated. The challenges faced while implementing the biomimetic approach into technology are explained. We have also tried to shed light on the solutions which can tackle these challenges and issues. Some of the very important reasons why this approach can be a boon to humanity namely helping in the control of climate change, environmental degradation and pollution by offering sustainable solutions are also elucidated.


Nature mimicry, biomimicry, nanotechnology, bio-mineralisation, magnetotactic bacteria


Department of Computer Science Engineering, RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru-560059, Department of Chemistry, RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru-560059

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